Posted by: Chris Sandel | November 10, 2009

Pick Me Up

So I hadn’t been to my own blog in a long time, let alone many of my former sources of entertainment.  Life in general and Jack Sandel have been keeping me plenty busy (not to be confused with…which hasn’t seen much of my time either).  However, something caught my eye tonight and I wandered over to one of my former favorites, Today’s Big Thing, a video site.  This was one they posted a few days ago.  Nothing deep but it made me smile and caught me at a good time.

Then I hopped on over to good ol’ and saw that, while I haven’t visited the site in a few months, it appears as if I posted a few days ago.  I think I must have predated a post a long, long time ago thinking I’d use in on Halloween.  I wonder if I have a stockpile of other old posts coming up.  I guess I’ll have to check back and see.  Or I suppose I could come up with some new fun stuff of my own.  We’ll see.



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