Posted by: Chris Sandel | May 24, 2009

Against All Odds

Boy, oh boy.  It is tough to keep up one blog post a day but when you start adding more blogs it becomes really tough.  Most of my attention for the last three months has been on my baby boy and helping him with his blog.  I figure why post funny pictures and videos of other people when I can do it about my own family.

I found a few minutes this afternoon though so I thought I’d post about a fun part of my week.  Several weeks ago my friend, and fellow West Side staff member Jessica, put together a little American Idol contest.  Several other staff members and I put in our picks for the top ten and the order they they’d be eliminated.  (You can see all of my pick on a previous post if you want to know exactly what I picked.)

The thing is, I don’t watch Idol.  I really never have.  I just like contests and I think Jessica is awesome so I thought I’d throw in a few picks and see what happened.  I figured the worst that could happen is I’d make a fool of myself…and I gave up on trying to keep from looking foolish a long, long time ago. 

Well this week I won our American Idol contest!  That’s right, after viewing one song from each contestant I made some off the cuff picks and picked Kris Allen to win it all.  There have been many jokes but I promise I didn’t even realize his name was the same as mine (only spelled like a girl) until after I made the pick.  I really did think he’d win. 

So if you’re in the office at all this week and you smell something, it is probably coming from my office it isn’t the usual smell off Jr. High boy B.O.  No, that is the sweet smell of victory mixed with the scent of the fresh cookies that Jessica promised to bake me as a prize.  MMMmmmm… I like to win.   And I like chocloate chips.  Doesn’t get any better than this (especially since I didn’t have to watch a girly show like American Idol).



  1. I’ll forgive you for dissing AI since you said I was awesome.

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