Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 18, 2009

Extreme Cameramen

As with all real men, I get a kick out of the TV show Man vs. Wild.  Who can resist Bear Grylls randomly peeing on his headband and eating raw animal flesh for no apparent reason.  That’s what real men do…more because it is stupid than because it is tough.

One thing I always wondered about though is how they get some of the camera shots they do.  It is one thing for Bear Grylls to scale a 100 foot waterfall but how do the guys with him do it while holding cameras?  Those are the real tough guys.

This video though, shows me that it can be done.  The cameraman is mimicking a video game called Mirror’s Edge by doing lots of free running/parkour style moves.  Basically is is like a cross between some kind of urban acrobatics and some sweet ninja moves.  At first I thought he must be wearing a helmet cam (still impressive) but later you can see that he’s actually holding the camera.  Wow!  If the guys from Man vs Wild ever get tired of following Bear to the most inhospitable places on earth, I bet this guy could give them a week off.


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