Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 17, 2009

Bouncing off the Walls

I’ve been to some pretty cool church youth buildings in my life.  Two of the coolest were at Saddleback and Mariner’s in California (hit the links if you want to see them for yourselves).  Melissa and I got to check them out when we visited last year.  There were skate parks, sweet technical setups, lots of game tables, etc and one even has a double decker basketball court (half court on floor one, half on floor two) that is open to everyone (just closed off by some fencing) right in the middle of the building.

If we ever build any additionally student ministry space at West Side, I think I’m going to put in a request for one of these babies.  Then we’ll literally have kids bouncing off the walls and we won’t even need the Mountain Dew.



  1. That is possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

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