Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 9, 2009

Jr. High Missions

This week I was asked to highlight the missions related activities the Jr. High ministry has done over the last couple of years.  It was pretty cool to see it all in one place.  We’ve done some neat stuff.  I think we could have done more (and I hope do do more this summer, and beyond) but just our Jr. High students have definitely had an impact.



Just Add Water (Summer ’07)

  • Individual projects like babysitting and lemonade stands to raise money
  • Group fundraisers of a car wash, garage sale, work day and dinner/auction
  • Over $9,250 raised to build 3 wells in Kenya

Shape Shifting (Summer ’08)

  • Twelve different teams were formed to meet throughout the summer.  They served in ways like sewing, photography, cooking, landscaping, etc
  • As a group, we served 1,500+ hours over the course of the summer.


Feed 500: Breakfast Edition (December ’08)

  • Collected 500+ boxes of pop tarts and 500+ boxes of cereal
  • Helped move and organize food items for 500 food baskets (30,000 meals)


Shoes for Haiti (March/April ’09)

  • Hundreds of shoes collected by our Early Childhood-Jr. High ministries to send down with the Jensen’s this summer

Mission Trips

  • St. Louis Urban Mission Trip (Summer ’03-’08) – worked with an inner city church VBS, distributed food and clothing to the homeless on the streets, cleaned and work to rebuild a run down church building, organized a back to school party for neighborhood children
  • Champaign-Urbana Mission Trip (Summer ’05-08′) – helped organize & distribute food and clothing for Salt & Light, completed work projects and the Christian Campus House and did multiple random acts of kindness activities.

Financially Supported

Pretty cool what one group of 6-8th graders can do!



  1. Christy – Katie,As you know, I do not like getting my purcite taken but I must say I’ve never had so much fun. I know I was a hard case but you were amazing as you kept working with me to relax and just have fun. I would never have thought of the places you had me sit, stand, lean etc. you amaze me with the gift God has given you. Thanks again for being so patient and capturing the beauty you see in me. I love you lots and am excited to see God’s plans for your life unfold before you very eyes. Love, Mom

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