Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 7, 2009

Mascot Madness Championship


 #16 E. Tenn. St. Buccaneers vs.  #2 Michigan State Spartans – Our little experiement turned out with some interesting results.  One complete underdog in the Bucs, who nearly pulled off the real first round upset of Pitt after only being down 2 with four minutes to play.  And one real life competitor in the national championship in the Spartans.  Seeing as only about 40% of the people in our office pool managed to get one of the two final teams correct, I’d say that we did pretty well.

In the end, we’re down to two great waring peoples.  I’d give the Spartans the edge in armor and even bravery but no amount of either is going to survive a canon blast to the chest.  That means, the champion of the first (and most likely last) ever Madness Championship is the…

East Tennessee State Buccaneers

Congrats guys.  No one saw that coming.  Well played!



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