Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 6, 2009

Mascot Madness – Final Four!


# 2 Michigan St. Spartans vs #3 Missouri Tigers – Amazingly, this one isn’t that much of a stretch and one of them is actually right (go Spartans).  This would be close but I have visions of Gladiator and, asuuming he’s got all of his armor, I’ll take the Spartan.    Advantage: Spartans.


 #16 E. Tenn. St. Buccaneers vs.  #16 Morgan State Bears – No one would have predicted this one.  A battle of 16 seeds in the final four.  I guess this is why you shouldn’t use mascots to pick your teams.  Duh!  The Bucs take it because they’ve got the guns.  Advantage: Bucs.



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