Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 5, 2009

Mascot Madness – Elite 8



#8 LSU Tigers vs.  #16 Morgan State Bears – Both are scary at this point but the bear just has a little too much gurth for that tiger.  Advantage: Bears.



 #16 E. Tenn. St. Buccaneers vs  #6 UCLA Bruins – Once again, when you factor in the firepower that the buccaneers bring to the table, even a bear isn’t going to be a match.  Advantage: Buccaneers.



#4 Wake Forest Demon Deacons vs # 2 Michigan St. Spartans  – The demon deacons had a great ride but in the face of a horde of angry spartan warriors, the devilish little grin just won’t be much of a match.  Advantage: Spartans.



#8 BYU Cougars vs #3 Missouri Tigers – The cougar looks tough and it we were playing king of the mountain I might go with him but in an open field court you have to go with the tigers.  Advantage: Tigers.


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