Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 4, 2009

Mascot Madness – Sweet 16



#8 LSU Tigers vs.  #5 Illinois Fighting Illini – This is aweful.  I still have nightmares LSU fans chanting “tiger bait” at us from a few years back at the Sugarbowl.  As much as I hate it, I think even the braves of Illini warriors would be pretty intimidated if they ran into a tiger on the prowl.  I great Illini warrior might pull it out but in general, I think the tiger would probably be having him for lunch.  Advantage: Tigers.


#14 S.F. Austin Lumberjacks vs #15 Morgan St. Bears – The lumberjacks have been impressive.  It is amazing how far a cheesy bicep can take you.  But I think their run is over.  Unless that lumberjack trades in his axe for a double barrel shot gun that bear is licking his chops.  Advantage: Bears.



 #16 E. Tenn. St. Buccaneers vs #13 Portland St. Vikings – This region has shown us several matchups of great warrior clans and people groups.  The viking showed great toughness to make it this far after beating out the seminoles last round.  But the superious firepower of the more technologically advanced buccaneers is just to much for the nordic tough guys.  Advantage: Buccaneers.


 #6 UCLA Bruins vs  #7 Texas Longhorns – It seems like a shame to send the bruins one seeing as you have to do serious research to discover that their mascot is a bear…but it is still a bear and it’ll be quickly eating longhorn burgers in this matchup.  Advantage: Bruins.



#16 Morehead St. Eagles vs #4 Wake Forest Demon Deacons – After the tough earlier matchups that the Demon Deacons made it through already, beating the mountaineers and the Utes, taking out an eagle seems easy.  Advantage: Deacons.


#11 Dayton Flyers vs # 2 Michigan St. Spartans – The flyers have made it this far, even with a pretty dumb logo, based on their superior technology.  Even if they start kamakaziing the Spartans, I have to think the ancient warriors could outlast them.  Advantage: Spartans.



#8 BYU Cougars vs #12 N. Iowa Panthers – Two tough wildcats in this one so it comes down to the quality scariness of their logo.  Advantage: Cougars.


#3 Missouri Tigers vs #2 Memphis Tigers – Another wilcat matchup, this one a civil war of the tiger family.  Both look pretty scary but I’m giving the slight edge to Missouri based on teh size of their teeth and the mystery of the floating head.  Advantage: the Tigers of Missouri.



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