Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 3, 2009

End of an Era

For the last several years I’ve taken Fridays off.  Since Sundays are a work day for us we get to take an alternative day off and ever since we finished seminary Melissa and I have taken the day off together.  It has been nice to have a day to get things done and hang out together without lots of pressure to do other stuff.  But with Jack here now and Melissa heading back to work I’m switching my day off to Thursday beginning next week so I can watch Jack for the day.  So today was our last of the days off together for a while. 

It was a pretty good day.  Jack was good all day and Melissa and I got quite a bit done.  We also managed to watch some TV together (Lost is great!) and relax for a while. 

Being home all day with Jack made for lots of great chances for photos, especially since the photo taking had slown down some over the last few weeks.  He had his first real bath (in a tub) and he had several fun play times.  Melissa and I were looking through the photos tonight and I totally loved this one.  It may be one of my favorites so far.  I just wanted to stare at it for a while.  I was drawn to it for some reason.  It just makes me think of something great.  I mentioned it to Melissa but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  “It just looks like hope.  Or the future…or maybe gas.”  I love my life!



  1. Ahhh. Living in the moment as God intended.

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