Posted by: Chris Sandel | April 1, 2009

April Fools Day

Today I had my busiest April Fools day in quite some time.  I led the chapel time for our Christian school this morning and from there it was straight to prepping for Fool Fest tonight. 

I usually like to do some fun things to mess with people here but there just wasn’t time with Jack here now and all that I had going today.  Instead, I’ll just fill you in on all of the great April Fools Day pranks and hoaxes going around this year.  I particularly enjoyed YouTube Flipped, Gmail Autopilot (that’d be nice) and the Squeeze Bacon.  The Museum of Hoaxes site also has a ranking of the all time best April Fools Day pranks/hoaxes that is pretty fun too.

While I didn’t get to do much pranking myself (other than several Fool Fest and Chapel devo related things), I was gotten rather impressively twice this year.  First, when I ran home for lunch today I did a quick RSS feed scan on my phone and saw that my Jr. High ministry friend Nikomas had a new post.  Apparently, just prior to having his vasectomy, his wife became pregnant.  Or so he said.  He had totally had me going.  I was actually laughing at their supposed predicament so hard that I had to fill Melissa in on the news…until I hit the link.  Well played Nikomas.  Well played.

That one had me going mentally but Jessica, our early childhood minister, got me pretty good this morning as well.  We’re both huge fans of The Office so you can imagine my amusement and delight when I entered my office after chapel and found this on my desk.  Jessica, you rock!  (I’m saving it in the fridge so I can snack a bit each day.  I guess I’ll just have to go without my trusty stapler until then.)




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