Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 31, 2009

Fool Fest

Tomorrow is our biggest outreach event in quite some time.  The dodgeball tournament (6 weeks ago) always has a great turnout but it is pretty simple.  Just tell kids we’re playing dodgeball and they come in droves.  This time we’ve gone all out to promote and encourage kids to invite friends.  I think we’re ready but there is still A LOT to do tomorrow.  Since it is April Fools day we’ve planned some prank related games and it should be a lot of fun.  We’ve even got Mr. T coming out!  Ok, maybe not but that would be cool. 

We’ve done several cool things to encourage kids to invite friends:

  1. Last week we handed out hundreds of yo-yos with Mr. T’s face, our event date and the website on them.  We challenged kids to take them and give them to friends as an easy way to tell them about what we’re doing.
  2. Tomorrow we’re asking kids to wear some sweet gold bling that we gave them this past Sunday.  Hopefully kids will notice the weird new accessories and it’ll be an opening to tell them about the Mr. T themed party.
  3. Best of all, we’ve got some cool prizes (iPod shuffle, digital camera and some other fun stuff) and we’re giving them a way to A) new students who visit and B) students who invite new students.

I have no idea how our turnout will be but I’m excited to see how things go.  We’ve got a lot of potential and I hope to see God help us connect with a bunch of brand new kids at a great night tomorrow.

Party flyer template


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