Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 30, 2009

Mascot Madness Rd 2 – Midwest/West


MIDWEST – Quite a few single digit seeds held up and beat out the underdogs here.  Plus we’ve got a stellar second round matchup with the Trojans vs. the Spartans.

#16 Morehead St. Eagles vs #9 Siena Saints – The saints beat the odds and made it past round one but when they turn the other cheek I’m pretty sure that eagle will peck their face off.  Sadly it looks like we won’t be seeing that highly anticipated saint/demon deacon matchup.  Advantage: Eagles.


#4 Wake Forest Demon Deacons vs #5 Utah Utes – The Utes may have been a tough tribe.  I’m sure they were mighty warriors.  But once again, a pack of psychotic church deacons is not a group I’d want to run into.  Advantage: Deacons.


#3 Kansas Jayhawks vs #11 Dayton Flyers – Neither of these mascots really look or sound that tough but when pushed into a fight I think both have their advantages.  The Jayhawkers were actually a group of militia that fought in Kansas during the civil war and flyers could surely use their planes to make an impact.  Based on the technological advantages, I think Flyers would bomb those Jayhawks to kingdom come.  Advantage: Flyers.


# 2 Michigan St. Spartans vs #10 USC Trojans – This is one of the toughest calls throughout the whole bracket.  Two of the most prolific warrior peoples of all time facing in the second round.  Either one of them could easily win the whole thing but someone has to come out a winner.  After a triple overtime thriller, the Spartans managed run away with it after they snuck into the Trojan locker room inside of a giant wooden sneaker.  Advantage: Spartans.


WEST – All we’ve got left in the west is animals.  One wild cat in each game  and it looks like they’re going to do pretty well for themselves.

#8 BYU Cougars vs #16 Chattanooga Mocs – The goofy Moc mascot made it through one round after we discovered it was supposed to be a water moccasin.  But when you look at the graphics they choose to use there is no way we can pretend that sissy looking bird engineer could possibly beat that cougar.  Advantage: Cougars.


#4 Washington Huskies vs #12 N. Iowa Panthers – At first looks like a classic cat versus dog match up.  That would obviously go to the dog.  But I’ve never heard of a panther being tamed and kept as a pet.  Advantage: Panthers.


#3 Missouri Tigers vs #6 Marquette Golden Eagles -Ferocious cat versus ferocious bird.  Advantage: Tigers.


#2 Memphis Tigers vs #7 California Golden Bears – Normally I’d think a big bear could take a tiger but this hand drawn, cartoon looking bear just doesn’t deserve it.  Especially not against that pouncing tiger.  Advantage: Tigers.



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