Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 27, 2009

Mascot Madness Rd 2 – South/East


SOUTH – Heading into round two we’ve seen some higher seeds win but quite a few upsets.  Strangely enough, the highest seed left alive is the Zags.  It didn’t hurt that they faced the Zips in the first round but I don’t see them lasting long.

#16 Radford Highlanders vs  #8 LSU Tigers – That Highlander looks tough.  He might as well be portrayed by a young Arnold.  The giant swords and rippling muscles of the highlanders and be pretty intimidating, even in their kilts, but I’m pretty sure even William Wallace would have surrendered if this tiger sprang upon him.  Advantage: Tigers.


 #5 Illinois Fighting Illini vs #4 Gonzaga Zags – Their bulldog looks pretty tough but they still have to fight against that goofy, Zag, nickname.  Add to that the weapons that the Illini would undoubtedly be carrying and this isn’t a tough matchup.  Advantage: Fighting Illini.


 #6 ASU Sun Devils vs #14 S.F. Austin Lumberjacks – This is a very close second round match up.  Both mascots wield impressive weapons.  But ASU eliminates itself based on that goofy little red suit and smarmy mustache.  Advantage: Lumberjacks.


#7 Clemson Tigers vs #15 Morgan St. Bears – Tigers are scary.  I would certainly not want to meet one in an alley.  But some tigers are scarier than others.  And since Clemson really only has a tiger paw print, they aren’t too intimidating.  Even with out that though, that Morgan State bear looks pretty psycho.  Advantage: Bears.


EAST – Here we’ve got an evenly divided bracket.  On top the warrior people battle it out while our ferocious animals fight for the win at the bottom.  It’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top down the line.

 #16 E. Tenn. St. Buccaneers vs #9 Tennessee Volunteers – When it comes to morals and integrity, there is no contest.  If I’m choosing who to admire, even with their goofy hats, the volunteers get my vote.  But in a street fight there is no contest.  The buccaneers would rip them limb from limb.  Advantage: Buccaneers.


 #5 FSU Seminoles vs #13 Portland St. Vikings– Another great second round match up here.  Two great warrior peoples match up in a battle royal.  But there can only be one winner.  The vikings come across as much more primitive and brutal to me so I think they’ll take this in a tight, overtime win.  Advantage: Vikings.


 #6 UCLA Bruins vs #3 Villanova Wildcats– They sure try to hide it but the bruin seems like a fairly intimidating bear to me.  Wildcats are scary too but one swipe is all it would take from that Bruin to take them out.  Advantage: Bruins.


 #7 Texas Longhorns vs #15 Bighamton Bearcats– The bearcat below looks scary.  A combo wildcat and bear sounds scary.  But do a wikipedia search and bearcats are really just slightly larger than average cats.  One good kid from a bull and it’ll be seeing stars for quite some time.  Advantage: Longhorns.




  1. Ohhh….I did blog housecleaning a coplue of months ago and I can tell you it was an expirience! I’m glad it is done and it looks great! I know that all your hear work will pay off too! Its wonderful when everything is tidy and in place! Good Luck with your party planning! I am deep into planning a pink lego party at the moment for my daughter who will 7! It doesn take some time to get all those personal touches doesnt it? And you have TWO! I cant wait to see how they turn out! Happy Planning!

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