Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 26, 2009

American Idol Challenge


I’m expanding my horizons this week.  Fresh off the kickoff of our NCAA Tournament Challenge last week our Early Childhood Minister, Jessica Schildman, challenged our staff to an American Idol picks contest.  It is a competition that comes with bragging rights so my interest was peeked.  Anything with picks has gone pretty well for me lately seeing as our family of Jack, myself and Melissa are currently first, second and third (respectively) in our office pool of over 25 entries.  So why not jump in to this contest?  How tough could it be?  Forget the fact that I’ve never seen a full episode and, short of a few minutes of an audtion show (the ones that let you laugh at the horrid singers) several years ago, I haven’t seen it at all.  Since I’m on such a role, why not throw my hat into the ring. 

One problem.  They don’t team colors or mascots to judge picks on.  So I hoped on to the Idol site and watched one quick clip of each singer and made my picks.  Still don’t know anything about the show (though some of the women at church have been happy to fill me in…I guess one is blind, one had his wife die and a few are really terrible) but I’m now officially in.  And I’m in it to win it.  My official pics, in order of who will be eliminate first, are:

10. Scott MacIntyre
9.   Michael Sarver
8.   Megan Joy
7.   Adam Lambert
6.   Anoop Desai
5.   Lil Rounds
4.   Matt Giraud
3.   Allison Ireheta
2.   Danny Gokey
1.   Kris Allen – WINNER!

So that’s it.  I guarantee it.  It’s a lock.  Oops.  Just got an email.  Apparently Michael was voted off…from here on out though, it’s a lock!


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