Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 22, 2009

Mascot Madness – Midwest


For each round of the real tournament we’ll have a round of Mascot Madness.  Just because a team wins in the real tournament doesn’t mean they’ll advance in this tournament.  Once we start with the original 64 everything is up for grabs.

Here are the matchups for round one in the midwest bracket:

 #1 Louisville Cardinals vs #16 Morehead St. Eagles – This makes it 4 for 4 for the 16 seeds.  Not sure how this mascot deal would work out in real life.  There isn’t much doubt though.  I love cardinals but and eagle should take them every time.  Advantage: Eagles.


#8 Ohio St. Buckeyes vs #9 Siena Saints– I thought Siena was represented by random holy men.  That still would have beaten a seed from a tree (talk about a stupid mascot) but it turns out they are actually St. Bernards.  It is hard for me to see Beethoven maming someone but he might randomly eat a buckeye.  (Might be painful coming out later though.)  Advantage: Saints.


#5 Utah Utes vs #12 Arizona Wildcats – Wildcats are a little scary but the Utes are a Native American tribe from Utah & Colorado.  I’m sure they had plenty of experience with Wildcats.   Advantage: Utes.


#4 Wake Forest Demon Deacons vs #13 Cleveland St. Vikings– Vikings are tough.  In other matchups, vikings have moved on past some rough competition.  But this looks more like a pillaging tadpole.  Add to that the mystery of what exactly a Demon Deacon is and I may have to give the edge to the Deacons simply because I’ve heard about quite a few rough church board meetings and I wouldn’t want to cross this crazy deacon.  Advantage: Deacons.


#6 W. Virginia Mountaineers vs #11 Dayton Flyers– Mountaineers have got to be tough.  If we judged purely based on appearance I’m sure their animal hides and coon skin hats would win out.  But the flyers have technology on their side.  One dive bombing and the mountaineers would be curled up in a ball like a little sissy girl.  Advantage: Flyers.


 #3 Kansas Jayhawks vs #14 N. Dakota St. Bison– I hate Kansas but I’ve got to set down by bias for such a serious competition.  Bison are tough and strong.  Assuming a Jayhawk was actually some kind of bird the edge would definitely go to North Dakota.  But from what I have found, the Jayhawk namemay refer to a band of guerrilla fighters who fought against slavery.  You have to admire that.  Advantage: Jayhawks.


# 7 Boston College Eagles vs #10 USC Trojans– Mighty Trojan warriors versus a strong looking, but fairly average eagle.  Advantage: Trojans.


# 2 Michigan St. Spartans vs #15 Robert Morris Colonials– I haven’t seen the movie 300 but I’ve heard the guys are pretty ferocious.  And while I admire our early American settlers, I’ve got to give this to the Spartans, if only because their head gear is way cooler.  Advantage: Spartans.



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