Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 21, 2009

Mascot Madness – West


For each round of the real tournament we’ll have a round of Mascot Madness.  Just because a team wins in the real tournament doesn’t mean they’ll advance in this tournament.  Once we start with the original 64 everything is up for grabs.

Here are the matchups for round one in the western bracket:

 #1 Connecticut Huskies vs #16 Chattanooga Mocs– Ok, so this one isn’t so obvious but after doing a little research, the Chattanooga “Moc” is actually a water moccasin.  I guess the train is just there because of teh Chattanooga Choo-Choo (or something like that).  I’m not sure who would officially die in a Huskie/Water Moccasin matchup but the idea of a water moccasin just freaks me out so they get the nod.  Advantage: Mocs.


#8 BYU Cougars vs #9 Texas A&M Aggies – Stupidest “mascot” ever = Aggie.  a.k.a. 4-H dork?  Advantage: Cougars (or pretty much anything short of a Corn Jerker, but then again, at least that is original). 


#5 Purdue Boilermakers vs #12 N. Iowa Panthers – If it was an actual train versus a panther we’d quickly have panther road kill but I’m pretty sure a boiler maker is just someone who makes trains and they would just be panther bait if they fought in the wild.  Advantage: Panthers.


#4 Washington Huskies vs #13 Mississippi St. Bulldogs– This is Michael Vick’s kind of matchup but we won’t endorse that.  Both would be tough to take down but we’re giving this to Washington.  Bull dogs may be tenacious fighters but we’ve got to give it to huskies based on sheer muscle and poundage.  Advantage: Huskies.


#6 Marquette Golden Eagles vs #11 Utah St. Aggies– See BYU vs Texas A&M.  Aggies is a dumb mascot so we’ll give it to almost anything else.  Advantage: Eagles.


#3 Missouri Tigers vs #14 Cornell CrimsonAndy Bernard won’t like this but when your mascot is a color you don’t have much of a shot.  They’re also nicknamed the “Big Red” but that doesn’t help much.  I will give them credit for the random, ferocious bear on their logo but I don’t think that is really their mascot so they don’t get credit for it.  Advantage: Tigers.


#7 California Golden Bears vs #10 Maryland Terrapins– Unless the Terrapin knows Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael then he’s got no shot.  That being said, the Cal bear looks kind of weak.  The random bear in teh crimson logo looks way tougher.  Advantage: Bears.


#2 Memphis Tigers vs #15 CS Northridge Matadors– The matadors are a perfect matchup for the North Dakota State Bison or maybe the Longhorns of Texas but I doubt waving a big red flag is going to be helpful in a dual with a big tiger.  Sounds like a match made for the Roman coliseum.  Advantage: Tigers.



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