Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 20, 2009

Mascot Madness – East


For each round of the real tournament we’ll have a round of Mascot Madness.  Just because a team wins in the real touranment doesn’t mean they’ll advance in this tournament.  Once we start with the orignial 64 everything is up for grabs.

Here are the matchups for round one in the eastern bracket:

 #1 Pittsburgh Panthers vs #16 E. Tenn. St. Buccaneers – On the court this probably won’t be much of a match but the mascots make an intriguing match up.  Without his weapons I’m sure the Buccaneers would be torn to shreds.  But how often do you find a pirate without his weapons?  One cannon shot to the chest and that panther is toast.  Advantage: Buccaneers.


#8 Oklahoma St. Cowboys vs #9 Tennessee Volunteers – I’m a big fan of volunteers (though personally hate the Tennessee basketball team).  I have a lot of great ones in my ministry at West Side.  I was thinking that cowboys could probably take them in a fight but now I’m not so sure.  Cowboys are tough guys but it seems like they can be lazy and selfish sometimes too (based solely on the movies).  Since the Volunteer nickname originally came from soliders who volunteered to fight in the war of 1812 I think they get the nod.  Advantage: Volunteers.


#5 FSU Seminoles vs #12 Wisconsin Badgers – I wouldn’t want to run into a badger in a dark alley but I’m pretty sure a seminole warrior has more courage (and more fighting skills) than I do.  Advantage: Seminoles.


#4 Xavier Musketeers vs #13 Portland St. Vikings – As brave and galant as the musketeers were, I’m thinking the utter brutality of a viking horde is going to take them every time.  Advantage: Vikings.


#6 UCLA Bruins vs #11 VCU Rams – Until this contest I had no idea what a Bruin.  The only time I’ve ever heard it is with UCLA.  Apparently it is some kind of brown bear and I can’t think of any bears (other than maybe the Chicago Cubs) that can’t take a ram.  Advantage: Bruins.


#3 Villanova Wildcats vs #14 American Eagles – I’d like to be patriotic here but as cool and fierce as eagles are, I think that wildcat is going to take pretty much any bird.  Advantage: Wildcats.


#7 Texas Longhorns vs #10 Minnesota Golden Gophers – Neither of these exactly have me shaking in my boots but that gopher couldn’t look more goofy.  Advantage: Longhorns.


#2 Duke Blue Devils vs #15 Bighamton Bearcats – This one is tough.  How do you evaluate the fierceness of an indigo satan?  Should that be humorous?  Did he fall in a bucket of paint?  Or is he some sort of ice demon?  Since it is tough to judge I’m going to go strictly based on the intimidation factor of their graphics below.  Advantage: Bearcats.



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