Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 19, 2009

Mascot Madness – South


I love this time of year.  I get to sit down with lots of information about 64 different college basketball teams and attempt to complete the perfect bracket (or two).  And then I get to watch as my hopes are dashed by the end of the first few games on Thursday afternoon.

While I’ll still be filling out my annual brackets based on all of my research and a few hunches, I thought it might be fun to have a separate tournament here, just for the mascots.  I’ve had friends complete real bracket submissions this way before and I thought I’d try it myself.

So here is how it’s going to work.  For each round of the real tournament we’ll have a round of Mascot Madness.  Just because a team wins in the real tournament doesn’t mean they’ll advance in this tournament.  Once we start with the original 64 everything is up for grabs.

#1 UNC Tarheels vs #16 Radford Highlanders – A Tar Heel, like a Hoosier, is just a random name given to someone from a particular state.  That kind of thing always seemed pretty dumb to me.  So basically it is a random person from North Carolina versus this rather muscular (and I think immortal) warrior.  While the design of the mascot looks like something I could make in Microsoft Publisher, I still think they’d be superior.  Advantage: Highlanders.


#8 LSU Tigers vs  #9 Butler Bulldogs – Neighter of these are too bad.  I’m sure a strong bull dog could do some damage and if we were talking any other kind of cat the advantage might go to the dog.  But this is a pretty big tiger.  Advantage: Tigers.


#5 Illinois Fighting Illini vs #12 W. Kentucky Hilltoppers– I’ve been highlighting the logos/mascots of each of the winning schools but I think most of you know the Illini mascot and this one is just too good to pass up.  I guess this is a Hilltopper.  Prepare to be destroyed little guy.  Advantage: Fighting Illini.


#4 Gonzaga Zags vs #13 Akron Zipps– I couldn’t believe it when I saw this match up.  It doesnt’ get any better than this (unless maybe there are some Zigs out there some where).  When you actually look at the mascots though there isn’t much contest.  I’m sure the Zips can get a few good kicks in but once the zags clamp down it’s all over.  Advantage: Zags.


#6 ASU Sun Devils vs #11 Temple Owls– You’d think that the owls would be immediately eliminated but you’ve got to give Temple a little credit.  That does look like a pretty scary owl.  But we’re still giving it to ASU if only because Owls don’t like the sun.  Advantage: Sun Devils.


#3 Syracuse Orangemen vs #14 S.F. Austin Lumberjacks– I was leaning toward giving the edge to the Orangemen.  After all, umpa lumpa’s are orangemen and I totally think they could take some lumberjacks.  But once you see there mascots there really is not contest.  Advantage: Lumberjacks.


#7 Clemson Tigers vs #10 Michigan Wolverines– This is a big time first round matchup.  A tiger versus a wolverine.  That would be a serious flurry of claws and teeth.  But in the end, the larger Tiger has to win out.  (Both logos are pretty disappointing though.)  Advantage: Tigers.


#2 Oklahoma Sooners vs #15 Morgan St. Bears– I’d like to give the Sooners more credit.  The settled a new land and had to be pretty scrappy.  But if they saw this bear coming I’m pretty sure they would have been screaming like little sissy girls.  Advantage: Bears.



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