Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 5, 2009

Mommy Merit Badges

I wasn’t in scouts for long.  I remember being a tiger cub which is like pre-scouts for little wanna-bes.  Then I was in cub scouts for long enough to do one obligatory, but fun, pine wood derby (I’ve still got the car somewhere).  My only other memory from scouts is earning my God & Country medal which was actually a big deal.  It took several months and the medal was pretty cool (I even found a fun wood box for it and pinned it on some satin inside).


Up until now though, I hadn’t heard of mommy merit badges.  I’m pretty sure these are made up but I’m sure my wife will be earning plenty of them in the next few years.  I didn’t find one for labor (which she certainly earned with our 9lb, 7oz boy…her toughness was all the nurses and doctors could talk about afterward) but I’m fairly certain whatever graphic they would use wouldn’t be something you’d want to sew onto your clothings so maybe that is all for the best.


 Here are some more that Neatorama highlighted  a while back.


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