Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 2, 2009

A Rivalry Renewed

It’s been a big week for our family.  Exactly six days ago we were sitting in a hospital room waiting for the arrival of our little guy.  Since then everyone has been so terrific.  We’ve got meals covered for quite some time and we’ve had all kinds of well wishes.  Jack sure has a lot of people who love and care for him, many of whom he hasn’t even met yet.


There have a lot of fun stories of things people have said or done to welcome Jack over the last week but I wanted to take a minute to share just one quick one tonight.  On Saturday the Rutledge’s (some friends of ours from church) brought by dinner for us and when they came they brought a little gift for Jack with them.  I was excited, until I opened it.  It was a cubs jersey.  Oh sick!  Later that night I commented to Melissa that I was tempted to mention the gift to the church staff.  Knowing the wisdom of most of our staff, I didn’t think it would take much to even things out with a Cardinal gift.


Imagine my surprise when I got to my office on Sunday morning and found this outfit for a team that is actually good.  Sally Miller, our office manager at church actually got it for him a few weeks ago.  Go Cardinals (and thanks to Sally, from our church staff, for helping keep our son from the dark side)!


Thanks to everyone for sharing in our excitement and for loving our little guy so much from the first days of his life.  We’re so blessed to call Springfield and West Side home and to have great friends like all of you.  I can’t imagine a better place to raise our little guy.




  1. corbin says the cubs rule go Jack and the Cubbies

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