Posted by: Chris Sandel | March 1, 2009

Playing with My Son

I knew I’d look forward to playing with my son once he got here but I didn’t think it would really happen this soon.  I thought all he could do for a few months is sleep, eat and poop.  Tonight though, instead of working on blog posts, I found myself rather distracted.  The little guy may not have done much but it was plenty to keep me entertained for quite some time.  Melissa came over in the middle and snapped a few fun pics. 

I’m pretty proud of the second one.  All on his own he pulled his legs off my chest and stood up for a minute.  Well, maybe a second is more realistic.  And he didn’t so much stand as slow his decent to the ground.  But still, give it a few days and he’ll be walking , talking and doing cartwheels.







  1. Wow!…cartwheels you say.

    That certainly is no newborn baby.

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