Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 28, 2009

The Exodus

Written Tuesday Morning, just a few minutes before we went to the hospital and Baby Jack Sandel was born:

For the past few weeks I’ve been reading the book of Exodus in my quiet time each morning.  For a long time (several years) I’d been primarily reading through the Message translation for my quiet time.  I liked reading passages I knew but hearing them in a fresh way.  But a while back I cracked open my good old NIV Study Bible and I began going through the book of Exodus and looking through the study notes as well.  I’ve found that I haven’t been able to do as much personal study lately and it was really refreshing to be finding new in depth insights.

If you’ve ever read through some of those early books though, you know that they can get tedious at times.  Most of the “action” in Exodus is in the first half.  By the time you get to chapter 20, Moses has led the people out of Egypt and they are in the desert.  For the next 2o chapters you hear a lot about how to make, and then how they made, all of the different pieces of the Tabernacle (pre-temple mobile tent of worship).  It was interesting at first but it quickly became pretty tedious.  Since this was supposed to be for devotional purposes I considered giving up on Exodus and moving to something else for my reading.  One of my goals each day is to find a short challenge or personal application from what I read and it was getting pretty tough to directly apply the specific dimensions of the altar to my life (at least for more than a day or two). 

Before I gave up, I had lunch with my friend Josh and he recommended I stick with it.  I was almost through and maybe God would find a way to speak to me even through some of the tedious parts. 

Today I finished Exodus.  When I started reading I was thinking, “Ok God.  I guess I’m glad I finished because it looks like the baby may come today.  Now that I have made it through I can start something a little more applicable with him here.”  But then I kept reading and I made a strange connection in my head. 

For years the people cried out for God.  Then Moses came and began a long process of helping them reclaim their identity as God’s people, holy and set apart for Him.  As they prepared for that they had to go through some rough stuff.  Some long nights of worrying.  They also had to do a lot to get ready.  For 20 chapters we hear about all of the exact things that they had to do to get ready for the coming of God to be among them in the tabernacle.  Then, as I was reading today, they finished.  Just like that, the tabernacle was done and God came down and filled it with is presence.  It felt like the end of something as the tabernacle was completed but really it was just the beginning of something so much bigger for the people of Israel. 

It has been a relatively long few weeks for Melissa and I.  Two weeks ago we got the first signs that our little guy might be coming.  We finished up our final preperations thinking that he was going to come in the next couple of days.  Nothing happened.  Then last week we got some more signs.  While we were at the doctors office we were even told things that made us think he was coming quickly (“you could go to the hospital now but you may be more comfortable resting for a while at home before you go.”)  Nothing happened.  But as I finished up my quiet time this morning a piece of me was glad it took longer for him to come.  I think maybe over the last two weeks (or nine months or 28 years) God has been preparing us.  Now, as the signs seem clearer and clearer that our little guy may be coming today I wonder if I feel a little like the Isrealites.  After lots and lots of preperation, the time came and God did something really cool.  Like Exodus though, this really is just the beginning and I can’t wait to experience the wild ride that God has in store for me and my family!

As it turns out, we did go to the hospital and God did begin something really incredible.  We totally feel as if God was with us through the whole experience of labor and delievery and we are eternally grateful for all of the people who have been praying for us. 

Plus, as one additional parallel, after experiencing the delivery of a 9lb 7oz child first hand I have a whole new understanding of that kind of Exodus.  What a long and crazy journey.  In the end though he reached the promised land…that is if the promised land it a smack on the butt from a strange doctor.  For the record, here is little Jack Titus’ first ever baby photo, take just seconds out of the womb.  Wow!





  1. Chris…

    I always appreciate reading these posts.

    I especially appreiciate this one. yeah, that’s all i have to say right now about that…

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