Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 23, 2009

Free Stuff

Just heard about some free food.  Everyone loves free food so I thought I’d quickly pass it on.

Hit this link and register to get a free small sub at Quiznos.  As a heads up, you only have 5 days to redeem the coupon once you’ve requested it.  Once you’ve signed up and recieved the coupon in your email you can remove your email from their list here


Also, if you’re a pancake lover IHOP is celebrating National Pancake day tomorrow and you can join them for a free short stack (3 pancakes).  They’re doing it to raise money (just asking for optional donations) for the Children’s Miracle Network. 


If you ever heard of more free stuff be sure to send it my way.  Everything tastes better when it’s free.  Enjoy!

On a side note, my mom sent me this Frugal Friday link the other day.  It isn’t free but if you go to either Kick’s or Caddyshack they’ve got some great deals on gift certificates.

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