Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 18, 2009

Electrified Lizard?

I think someone should have told this guy that there was one of then new fangled tazer lizards on the table.  Gggggaaaah! 


  1. my new years resolution was to start losniog some weight and get off that sofa! i kind of gave up but my mum encouraged me alot saying that she knows that i can do it! in primary i used to get bullied and as i am in secondary i want to make a change to that. here is a list of what i have stopped eating and doing: pizza every week . wings and chips after swimming and chocolates crisp fizzy drink!!!! i dont sit there watching telly instead i go and walk my neighbours dog. i was about 7 stones and now at the moment 5.5 i am really proud of my self so is my mum, i wish to carry on losniog weight and i hope to forget about my time at primary! i am really happy with my self and i have too much to turn back!!!! RESOLUTIONS ROCK LIKE SWAPITS

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