Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 17, 2009

How To Talk To Girls

I saw this a few months ago on Neatoramaand thought it was pretty cool.  Then last week the young man was on Leno (with Bill Cosby which made it fun too).  Alec Greven has made the NY Times Best Seller list for his short book entitled, How To Talk To Girls.  The best part is that he is totally serious about it all (and a lot of it is good advice).

I checked out a few pages on Amazon and stumbled upon this gem:


Classic.  Just what my Jr. High kids need to hear.  Save that love for Jr. High guys.  Oye!

You can hear more about the book (and get more awesome quotes) in the video below.  You can also check out his interview on the Ellen show from before he was published. 

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