Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 17, 2009

A-bomb Clock

Waking up in the morning really hasn’t been a problem for me lately.  I’ve actually been waking up before my alarm goes off.  I think maybe my body is just preparing for life plus one baby and minus much sleep. 

That hasn’t always been the case though.  At times in my life I’ve had as many as five alarms set (two in my clock and three in my phone) and I’ve occasionally had to move them away from my bedside to force myself to wake up a bit before turning them off. 

If you’ve been running into that problem lately, maybe you should checkout this sweet new alarm.  You’ve got to defuse it each morning to durn it off.  McGyver would love it.  It’s da bomb!  (I know, I know…but I couldn’t help it).

Seriously though, this would be a fun, and I’m sure really annoying way to wake up.  Be sure to note the fine print on the site though… “Not recommended for carry on airline luggage.” 


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