Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 15, 2009

Kiku Restaurant


Melissa and I cleared our weekend completely in case Baby Sandel decided to come.  As of now though, we’re still a two person household.  I thought I might get impatient about him coming but instead we decided to embrace the free time. 

During our time together we went to went out to eat a couple of times.  On Saturday for lunch we decided to try a brand new restaurant in town called Kiku.  It is a Japanese steakhouse (similar to one of my favorites, Benihana) where the chef cooks everything in front of you. 

It only opened a couple of days ago and it seemed pretty slow but I think it wasslammed on Friday night.  The owner actually stopped by our table to see what we thought and she said she felt bad about the previous night because it was so busy and she worried that people would think she didn’t care about them (maybe because they had to wait?).  We had a terrific experience though.  It may be my new favorite restaurant (especially if we’re limiting it to places in Springfield).  It was great food and a great experience (maybe our best ever at those kind of restaurants).

The chef put on a great show even though it was just Melissa and I at our table.  He flipped some food into my mouth which was a new one for me (at least at a restaurant…I’m actually quite skilled at food catching overall).  He also had a unique little sauce squirter guy (see below).  I won’t spoil it but he sprays in a very unique ways.  Lots of fun.


After our chef cooked us lunch I asked for some chopsticks.  (I like the challenge.  It feels like cheating to eat it with a fork.)  He got us some and they were like training sticks (like chopsticks with training wheels).  Melissa usually doesn’t like using chopsticks because it is too hard but she did this time because they made it so easy.  (I, of course, took off my “training wheels” because that would also be cheating.)


If you decide to go it can be a little expensive but it was cheaper than Benihana and it might be even more reasonable at lunch (it was dinner all day since it was Valentine’s Day).  I felt like the portions were good (I got the Strip Steak and there was plenty).  It’s definitely worth paying extra for the fried rice because it is really good and it adds to the show. 

Enjoy guys!   If anyone wants to go let me know because I’m ready to go back again any time.  I’m not sure a nice restaurant filled with stoves, knives, and huge flames is the best place for a baby but I’ll find a way.


  1. Chris, I love seeing into your world, and I definitely want to check out the restaurant with you. I don’t need the training wheels but I could use some practice with the sticks since we may be hosting real Japanese folks for the wedding in June.

    You are a wonderful writer! “…a nice restaurant filled with stoves, knives, and huge flames is the best place for a baby but I’ll find a way” was as funny to me as the video clip from Ellen D. yesterday.

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