Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 13, 2009

Pity for a Late Night Host?

I never thought hosting a late night show would be too tough.  I’m sure they’re busy but they get paid exorbitant amounts of money to come in and talk to famous people.  I know they do some other stuff too but it seems like Letterman often just picks up on something random and fixates on it for the night until people laugh.  I figure I could do that. 

This however, did give me pause.  Talk about a rough interview.  Stranded with Joaquin Phoenix on national television for 20 minutes.  Yikes!  He sounds kind of insulting at the end but you can’t blame him too much.



  1. i feel kind of sorry for Joaquin Phoenix because he does seem genuinely disoriented and Letterman gave him a hard time about it

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