Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 6, 2009

Fail Blog

I’ve occasionally linked to some funny videos from the FAIL blog.  It’s a random assortment of photos and videos featuring “fails.”  If you’re new to the fail phenomenon on the net, wikipedia can help you out.  “Fail” is the name of a popular Internet meme where users superimpose the word “fail” or “epic fail” onto embarrassing, ironic, or compromising photos or short videos” 

I found this one pretty fitting in our current circumstances.  Maybe I should pass this on to my wife.  That would normally be a dangerous thing to do but this one might be ok.  With their special weight loss tea, she too might be able to loose 25 pounds in the next 25 days.  I’m sure going into labor won’t hurt either.


Here is another one that is kind of along the same lines.   This one though seems to also have the side effect of changing your race.  You’d think they’d be required to list that one in the ad.


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