Posted by: Chris Sandel | February 2, 2009

Superbowl Commercials

Good food (though sadly no SuperBOWL) at the West Side young adult Superbowl party Melissa and I went to.  Lots of fun people too.  So many people and distractions that I think I may have missed a few of the commercials.  Thankfully there are multiple ways to check them all out online now.  Some of the more well known sites are Hulu and YouTube but beyond those, Superbowl-Ads.comit terrific!  It has a collection of videos and ad info (i.e. ad prices, etc) from all of the previous Superbowls if you want to see some of cool stuff from past years.

One of my first posts last year was a highlight of my favorite commercials from 2008 so I figure I’ll highlight some of my top choices this year.  As you can see below, my primary criteria is humor (and obviously the items or views expressed in these ads are not endorsed or condoned by or any of it’s affiliates).

5. Bud Light – Drawing Board Skiing: I could have gone a lot of ways with my 5th spot but I got a kick out of this one.


4. Teleflora – Talking Flowers: Maybe I shouldn’t have but it definitely caught me off guard and I laughed pretty hard.

3. Free Doritos

2. Bridgestone – Hot Item

1. Pepsi Max – I’m Good: So many classic hits and painful accidents.  Keep the good times coming.

Honorable Mentions: (in no particular order)

It’s tough to include them all because people like so many different ones but what was your favorite?  If  I miss yours in the poll, leave it in the comments for everyone.


  1. my favorite is the Bud Light board room meeting. They discussed how they could save money, all had some ideas. Then one guy said we could stop buying Bud for the meetings. Then you see him get thrown from the second floor window.

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