Posted by: Chris Sandel | January 28, 2009

Worlds Longest…Everything


The internet has everything.  If you’re ever interested in what the world’s longest stuff  is, this site is the place for you.  I’d normally just create a link but I think this one deserves to be typed out in it’s entirety.  It barely fits within the site’s margins!

Here are a few fun ones. 

World’s longest urinal – 100-300 yards…but not much privacy.


Longest Popsicle – 25 feet long & 17.5 tons.  If only it hadn’t melted in the 80 degree sun of NY before they got it lifted up.


Longest burrito – 8,076 feet long (over 27 football fields)…followed by hundreds of blocked up toilets


And in case you wanted to know, I present the worlds longest YouTube video.  Almost five hours of stupidity.



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