Posted by: Chris Sandel | January 17, 2009

Man on Wire

I just finished the first Netflix movie that I wouldn’t have watched without our new Roku streaming player (just because I doubt I would have gone out of my way to rent it).  It is a documentary called Man on Wire that I heard about randomly a couple of times (on blogs maybe, I’m really not sure where).  It was available to stream so I decided to give it a shot.  I’m not usually a documentary guy but it was actually pretty interesting. 

It is the story of a man and his friends who plotted to walk a tight rope between the World Trade Center towers in the 1970’s.  It has tons of old footage that they shot back then and it is blended together really well with interviews and a small amount of reenactment (artistic though, not cheesy) to make it almost like a real movie story (only it actually took place…no wimpy actors).  It is a pretty neat story to hear them talk about.  It really changed their lives.  It was kind of like a bank robbery but without all of the people getting hurt.  Check it out if you get a chance.  Beware, it does have some subtitles but there is also a lot of English.



  1. I saw this movie too and found it damn interesting

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