Posted by: Chris Sandel | January 12, 2009

Not Our Typical Leader’s Meeting

We are gearing up for the spring semester in our Jr. High small groups and we had a leaders meeting scheduled for last night.  Our lead female small group coach, Dawn, offered to lead our meeting this month so I took her up on it.  It didn’t seem odd at all.  In fact, she’s such a great leader that I was excited to have her doing more.  As the meeting began, things seemed pretty normal.  But our normal meeting space ended up looking like this…empty. 


To start, Dawn asked another of our great leaders, Melissa, to lead a game (which is usually how we start).  We split into two teams and the guys stayed in the basement working on their project while the girls went upstairs to plan theirs.  When the time was up I presented the guys version of the goofy game only to hear that the girls needed us upstairs to do their part.  I was still a little flustered from our part of the game (which involved me speed reading the goofy, somewhat embarrassing, commercial that we created) and when we got upstairs there was a big commotion.  I looked around to see a bunch of gifts.  For a moment I was still thinking it was a part of the girls commercial (I was little slow).  Instead, they were throwing a surprise baby shower for us!  A normal shower with lots of pastels and goofy girl games would have been lame but this one was perfect.  It is best represented by the totally AWESOME cake that they got for us.  If you can’t tell, it is a poopy diaper with “Your Turn!” and a big pile of you-know-what on top.  Classic!


The cake was actually really good.  The undesirable part was avoided by some but it was a room full of Jr. High leaders so there were definitely a few that embraced the poo! 

(David especially got into it.  Clinton, in the background, not so much.  Great faces!)


Thanks again to the greatest bunch of leaders a guy, and a Jr. High ministry, could want.  It is such a blessing to serve alongside of each of you!


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