Posted by: Chris Sandel | January 11, 2009

Bizarro Boy Balloons Strike Back

This was a big weekend for the Sandel family.  Yesterday we had a baby shower at West Side.  I missed it (since I’m a guy and therefore exempt from such girly things) but we had lots of great friends who threw it for us and, from my lowly guy perspective, it looked really nice.   I do know that baby Sandel got TONS of really great stuff.


The decorating highlight for me was the return of our Bizarre Boy Balloon.  I wrote about him just over a month ago.  He’s now 86 days old but he’s on his last legs.  He’s still technically holding himself up after traveling, on his own, all around our house.  He’s now living out his last days resting peacefully in our basement.


Just when I thought our bizarre boy balloon was about to leave us forever, his spawn took over the baby shower!  I didn’t think multiples ran in the family but there are now sextuplets floating on the ceiling of the baby’s room.  It these are anything like the original Bizarro Balloon, it could be a crazy few weeks in the Sandel house.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they manage to make their way into our car, around town, into our offices at church and who knows where else.


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