Posted by: Chris Sandel | January 10, 2009

Solo Artist

It is hard not to be impressed by guys who can pull off a one man band.  The musical skill and coordination it has to take to do that is pretty crazy.  But is is also tough to deny that it ain’t exactly the coolest thing in the world to do.  Exhibit A…


However, if you take a quick stroll through the pages of YouTube and you’ll run across many of these kinds of one man videos.  With some simple editing techniques, you can make a pretty sweet one man band of your own and you don’t look nearly as dorky.

I’ve seen a number of these (i.e. yesterday’s Enter the Kazoo Man) but nothing compares to this guy.  I count 8 instruments (I’m including his voice so I don’t hear it from my buddy Spear) and as many as 19 tracks at a time.  Wow.  I even really like the song.  Kind of a Celtic vibe. 

(It sounds like it could have been on the Titanic soundtrack, which I’d usually be embarassed about liking but I’m pretty sure I didn’t see Celin Dion in there so maybe it is ok.)

image ht link


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