Posted by: Chris Sandel | January 9, 2009

Enter The Kazoo Man

I finally found the instrument for me.  Up to now, music hasn’t been a major part of my life but I’ve had a few forays into playing some kind of instrument.  I had a few weeks of piano lessons in my youth.  It didn’t stick (but I can still play Yankee Doodle).  I played trumpet in school band for a little over a year in middle school but didn’t practice so, despite my early excitement (I wore dorky gloves and slept with my trumpet the first night), I gave it up.  The most I ever stuck with something was guitar.  Technically I can play but I haven’t really done it enough to actually play for people.

However, I have now found the instrument for me.  Ever since music class in first grade I have always felt drawn to it but I always worried that it was too dorky.  No more!  This guy has shown me the light.  Who knew you could play Metallica on a kazoo?  I am now fully prepared to rock out hard core on my kickin kazoo!   



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