Posted by: Chris Sandel | December 31, 2008

NFL Football

I’ve enjoyed the NFL season this year.  I really get into fantasy football (I was the commissioner of 2 West Side leagues this year) and that always makes it fun.  I haven’t talked much about it here because it can get boring if you’re not involved but I ended up having a great year.  I won my main league (it’s been going for a few years now) as the #2 seed.  I took 3rd place in my second league after totally dominating the regular season.  Still, a very nice year overall.

In an attempt to hold on to the fun that is fantasy football, I started a Gridiron Playoff Challenge group at  Basically you just pick a few players each week of the playoffs.  If you’d like to play with us, just sign up for an entry (it is free) at the Gridiron Playoff Challenge page.  Then add yourself to the group named “West Side Playaz” using the password “illini.”  If you’ve never tried fantasy, it is a short term, pretty simple thing.

On a side note, Sunday was the last day of the regular season and the Bears managed to choke away their playoff chances.  Outside of that game, there was a crazy game up in Buffalo.  The Bills were hosting the Patriots in middle of wind gusts of up to 75 miles per hour.  The goal posts were knocked down before the game.  Not surprisingly, there wasn’t much of a kicking game but when the Bills tried to kick a field goal, this is what happened…


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