Posted by: Chris Sandel | December 31, 2008

Best of 2008: The Blog

In my first year of blogging, I started off pretty fast.  Other than a few week stretch last month, I’ve been pretty consistent since last January (posted on 268 of 337 days).  A few highlights (though I’m sure I’m missing plenty):

Most Viewed Posts:

  1. Hurricane Windsurfer – The post was kind of cool but I think this was a fluke combination of the right key words.
  2. Olympic Openning Ceremonies – Another good combo of the right keywords (and misspellings) and a very hot topic.
  3. Plush but Impractical – I got a kick of of this.  I linked back to a knitting blog for this post and made a joke about it.  Apparently someone thought I was serious and they commented.  It led to quite a few hits. 

Favorite Personal Posts:

  1. Office Life: A Day in Scranton – That was a cool day on a cool road trip with my really cool wife.
  2. Spiritual Gifts and Goldfish – This post epitomizes what I want my blog to be about.  It was a weird mix of ministry, spirituality and goofiness.  It actually got a decent number of hits as well.
  3. Jesus for President – Probably the most serious and introspective of the book responses I wrote (though there weren’t nearly enough to choose from).
  4. Is Bigger Better? – I had several posts about ministry.  I may have thought the most about this one.

Most Memorable Posts:

  1. Cute Video – It’s going to be hard for me to imagine topping this baby announcement…but then I guess the baby hasn’t even arrived yet.
  2. Baby Sandel is a… – our little guy better hope I don’t embarrass him this much when he’s actually here to see it.

Most Reader Interaction:

  1. AFI’s Top 100 Movies – I enjoyed all of the responses this got.  Some good movie suggestions too.
  2. Cute Video – Quite a bit of response to this one, for obvious reasons.

Total Blog Hits: 12,222… that is kind of a fun number.  Of course, if you look at this today then you have ruined it.  Now I guess I’ll have to say 12,223.

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