Posted by: Chris Sandel | December 31, 2008

Alternative Energy Breakthrough

No, there hasn’t been a breakthrough with solar panels, ethanol or electric batteries (at least to my knowledge).  But apparently one plastic surgeon has made a breakthrough of his own: lipo-diesel.  As a plastic surgeon in California he saw a nearly inexhaustible source of fuel and decided to tap into it by converting his Ford SUV and his girlfriend’s Lincoln Navigator to run on human fat.

You’d think the good people of California would applaud his efforts to be green but not so.  He’s now being sued by several of his patients who say he took too much of their fat.  (Is that kind of like shaking the last few drops out of the gas pump?)

Looks like he may really be in trouble.  It turns out there was already a law against using human medical waste to power a vehicle in California.  Which has to make you wonder, how may people have tried this before that there is already a law against it?

Link via Neatorama


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