Posted by: Chris Sandel | December 24, 2008

Strange Nativities

Last week Marko posted a bunch of links to some strange nativities and other random Christmas decorations.   For all of them, check out his post.  A few of my favorites are…

Kitty Cat Christmas: I guarantee you that anyone who owns this already has too many cats in their house.  My suggestion is to just pull together all of the animal costume’s you’ve undoubtedly already got for your cats and make your own live cat nativity.  Now I understand the true meaning of Christmas…dressing up your cats.


Holy Family Baking Timer: Got a bun in the oven?  Let the newborn baby Jesus tell you when it is ready to come and out save the world (or at least fill your belly).


Rubber Ducky Nativity: Merry bathtime Christmas everyone.  Hook me up with a little barnyard bubble bath and I’ll be all set.


Veggie Nativity: The conspiracy continues.  First they tell you that you have to eat your green vegetables.  Now they’re implying that a vegetable came to save the world.   Oh brother.  Beware the veggies!


Chicken Nativity: This might be my personal favorite (at least the one I’d want most).  I just love the fact that if chickens were angels then they’d be able to fly.  Or maybe chicken angels just pretend to fly by strapping themselves to large wire structures.  Plus, this is the first time I’ve ever pictured the baby Jesus as a chick.


Creepy Jesus Tree Topper:Ok, I’m sure these people have good intentions.  We should make sure that Jesus is our focus at Christmas.  But I don’t know that putting a creepy dude at the top of your tree to stare at your kids is the way you want to go.




  1. People who revile the chicken nativity because it doesn’t fit some anthropomorphic stories really need to have the experience of going out on some bitter cold morning to a hen house. Where a flock of warm, sweet, social, silky hens are clucking the song of celebration for their new little eggs. Birds survived the near extinction of life on earth several times, and they continue on.

    New life is the miracle. It doesn’t have to be human, dead, or religious. The joy of a tiny chicken or duck or other baby bird bursting from the egg would have given Jesus more laughter and celebration than all the bible banging in the world.

    I had a pet chicken who gave me an egg one Christmas morning. I have never received any better gift, nor offered with more of oneself in it, nor with more self sacrifice. I’ll stand before god on the day of judgment and say that with absolutely no fear of his condemnation.

    Those who have ears will hear that the gospel of life matters more than 2,000 year old texts that do nothing but judge people (and which of us has the right to do that?!).

    Jesus is reborn again and again, and as for god, not even a sparrow falls without notice.

    There was a commercial in Washington State a couple years ago, for the state lottery. In just one minute it told a story of a man who won the lottery and realized his dream of giving flightless birds a chance to fly (through hang gliding). One was a penguin, one a chicken, and one an emu. Chickens can in fact fly–not high and not far. But I think you’re right. They too must dream of soaring just as we humans do. In their groundedness, they and we have so much in common. I feel truly sorry for people who cannot look at such wonderful creatures and see them for who they are. They can pray themselves purple, and never touch the heart of Creation.

  2. I think I love you! I wonder if the chicken farmer has heard about the artist in Europe who has turned his deceased cat into an airplane?

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