Posted by: Chris Sandel | December 12, 2008

Fruit or Fetus?

Long before Melissa was pregnant, she used to use fruit to talk about the childbirth process.  I won’t go into it here but I will say I thought it was a little strange even then (though any talk at all about childbirth probably would have weirded me out).  Strangely, the further into this pregnancy thing we get, the more fruit & vegetables come into play. 

Early on we found a nice website,  Each week they send me an email with details about what is happening to baby Sandel and how he is growing.  Beyond just hearing about what is happening to our baby, I am always excited to hear what new way they’ve come up with to describe his size.  Without fail, they compare our unborn child with some kind of fruit or vegetable.  I can understand it sometimes.  At week four he was about the size of a poppy seed.  That information was helpful.  Hearing that he was as big as a grape (week 9) was big news.  In a few weeks he’ll be the size of a cantaloupe and that’ll be nice.  But how exactly does it help us to know that he is the size of an English hothouse cucumber.  I know I’m not exactly a vegetable expert but that seems like an odd comparison.  In two weeks they’ll be comparing him to a Jimaca which, according to wikipedia, is some kind of Mexican potato or turnip.

For all of the glorious fetal fruits & veggies, check out week 4 through 40 below.

4. Poppy seed

5. Sesame seed

6. Lentil bean

7. Blueberry

8. Kidney bean

9. Grape

10. Kumquat

11. Fig

12. Lime

13. Medium shrimp

14. Lemon

15. Apple

16. Avocado

17. Turnip

18. Bell pepper

19. Large heirloom tomato

20. Banana

21. Carrot

22. Spaghetti squash

23. Large mango

24. Ear of corn

25. Rutabaga

26. English hothouse cucumber

27. Head of cauliflower

28. Chinese cabbage

29. Butternut squash

30. Head of cabbage

31. Four navel oranges

32. Jicama

33. Pineapple

34. Cantaloupe

35.  Honeydew melon

36. Crenshaw melon

37. Stalk of Swiss chard

38. Leek

39. Mini watermelon

40. Small pumpkin


Just for fun, I did a quick search for fruit babies and found this guy.  Not sure who made him or what for but he seemed pretty fitting.  The last little picture below is kind of funny scary though.  Fruit baby smoothies?




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