Posted by: Chris Sandel | December 8, 2008

Bizarre Boy Balloon

On Thursday, October 16th our small group met at our house.  That night some friends of ours, the Gilmore’s, brought us some fun blue M&Ms and a few balloons to say congratulations (after finding out that we’re having a boy).  Most of the gift was pretty normal.  The M&Ms were good but they tasted pretty much like chocolate and after a few days they were gone.  The latex balloons were fun but after a few days they were droopy and ready to be put out of their misery.  But there was something different about our “It’s A Boy” balloon.  It has now survived for 52 days it it is still floating. 


So 52 days for a balloon seems pretty crazy to me.  But here is where it gets down right creepy.  We left the balloon floating in our living room upstairs where it stayed for several weeks.  But gradually it started moving around on its own.  Over a few day period it moved across the ceiling.  Then one day I woke up and discovered that the balloon had made it’s way down to the hall and into the baby’s room.  I’m honestly not sure how.  As you can see below, there are three obstacles that it had to go under to make it in there.  In the baby’s room though it was floating at the top of the ceiling.  It stayed there for a while and then worked its way down the stairs and it is now floating downstairs on the opposite side of the house. 

I’m not really sure what is up with this balloon but “It’s A Boy” has a mind of it’s own.  If this is any indicator of the real boy on the way we could be in for some crazy times.  Ready or not, here he comes.

boyballoon2 boyballoon1



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