Posted by: Chris Sandel | December 7, 2008

Misfit Christmas Cookies

Yesterday was annual cookie baking day at the Sandel home.   Lots and lots of cookies.  I’m not usually the main baker.  My role is more…supplementary.  You see every year thousands, upon thousands of regular cookies are made.  Nice little christmas trees, angels and stars all over the place.  Armies of perfectly uniform ginger bread men as far as you can see. 


My role every year is to make sure that all of our cookies aren’t too normal.  I feel every Christmas needs a few misfit cookies (in case we have any misfit elves over).  Here are a few of this year’s creations.


 Captain Ginger…Arrr!


Springtime Frosty sitting in the grass with flowers.  Not really sure how that works but hey, he’s a misfit.


 He’re a few more made from non-traditional forms.  A manger, a creepy baby Jesus and a Christmas wreath (or a donut, you can choose).  Plus, of course, the most important of non-traditional cookies, the sugar cookie Illini I.

This is actually a tradition I’ve had for a few years now.  I couldn’t find any of my creations from last year.  The one I remember most was a cookie engagement ring for my friends Josh & Bethany who had just gotten engaged.  I did however, find a few random cookies from our ’06 affair.  Pepperoni pizza (not a christmas tree), tyranasorus rex (not a stocking), my lovely wife Melissa (not a bell) and of course a nearly-naked gingerbead man.

misfitcookies07  misfitcookies08

misfitcookies09  misfitcookies06


  1. I love the creative cookies!!

    (Although – is that a bloody knife from this year??)

  2. yeah, that’s what I wanted to know, too!!!! Disturbing (but look yummy!!)… (hmm. maybe that’s disturbing as well)

  3. Yeah, yeah. I know. It is actually a nail. Pretty morbid. I just had a little dough left and wanted to make a creative shape. A nail just worked. I thought it might be like the end of the “Christmas” story. It did feel pretty creepy putting the icing on though. Probably should have just left it plain (they taste better that way anyway).

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