Posted by: Chris Sandel | December 6, 2008

What’s In A Name?

Earlier I posted about a stupid, stupid man who went behind his wife’s back to name his baby girl Sarah McCain Palin.  It reminded me of a story from Melissa and I’s experience at lamaze class. 

We signed up to take it on a Saturday so we could cover it all in one day.  There were some helpful things (and some crazy weird giving birth things) but that isn’t really the the story.  Toward the end of our day, the class headed over to the hospital to go on a tour.  During the tour our teacher, who is also a nurse, started talking about some of the names people come up with.  To tell us about what she and the other nurses had called the worst name of the week.  A new mom named her daughter Shemarveloux (pronounced She-Marvelous).  It is, I will admit, a pretty funny name.  But hey, I guess that is mom’s perogative.  I can even understand some of the nurses talking like that behind the scenes.  I was rather surprised, and so were several others, to hear her telling the story to the 10-15 couples in the class while standing in the middle of the maternity hall. 

Things didn’t stop there though.  She went on to tell us about a conversation she had with a fellow nurse about Shemarveloux.  Apparently the nurse commented that the pour girl would be the last girl in her class to be able to spell her name.  Our teacher replied by saying she felt bad for the person who would need to pronounce her name at her high school graduation.  The nurses stunning comment…”I don’t think someone named Shemarveloux is going to have to worry about high school graduation.” 

And that is just wrong.  Wow. 

I concur with my wife and several of our classmates who agreed that we hope Shemarveloux ends up going to harvard and working as a doctor on that floor. 

Here’s to you Shemarveloux! 

(Maybe we’ll have to consider Hemarveloux for baby Sandel.  Or maybe not.)


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