Posted by: Chris Sandel | December 5, 2008


It is easy to tell that I am a dork.  I’m sure there are a number of obvious indicators but another one just made itself obvious to me. 

I’m not really a big video game player.  I like them well enough but I generally don’t feel productive when I play them and productivity is usually my goal in pretty much anything I do (almost to a fault).  This game though I really got into.  It is more like a learning game (thus the dorkyness).  It is called Typeracer and it pits your typing skills against those of others around the world (or you can challenge your friends).  It is reminiscent (yeah big word!) of my early years when little flies would splat on to my computer windshield every time I made a typing error in our DOS version of Mavis Beacon.  Now you only see a tiny VW Bug move along a line but you get to race your tiny Bug against others for total typing domination.  After ten races I averaged 67wpm, a little better than I would have guessed.

Anyone else have good scores?  (or ridiculously bad ones?)  I have a feeling both my dad, who used to be a typist in college, and my brother, who played a text only MUD (multi-user dungeon) game a lot when he was younger, could blow me out of the water.  I believe they were both over 100 words per minute as some point in their lives.





  1. Fun game! Is going to totally exacerbate my carpal tunnel syndrome!

    After 20 games I’m averaging 75wpm which is pretty standard for me… I’d love to get better, though! My mom’s always been pretty consistent between 120-130… I’ve never been that good, but always wanted to be…

  2. So this is amazing. My avg after 10 races is 74- but my first score was in the 40’s – after that I got four scores over 80, a 93, and a 102!! This is fun! Thanks man

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