Posted by: Chris Sandel | November 22, 2008


Well it took me exactly 100 days to make it from post 300 to 400.   I guess it is good that I didn’t wait any longer to jump back into blogging.  Since my first post, the previous hundred has taken me longer than any others but I guess having a baby may continue to slow things down.  Then again, maybe the blog will be inundated with baby posts and I’ll post even more often. 

As has become tradition, here are a few personal notes/awards from the last one hundred posts. 

I looked through some of my blog stats and the most viewed posts were:

The top referrers:

Top search engine terms:

  • rapture insurance (140)
  • worship (69)
  • hurricane wind surfer (59)

If the current pace continues, it will be pretty darn close to baby time when I hit 500.  It ought to be an eventful few months!


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