Posted by: Chris Sandel | November 18, 2008

Christmas in Kenya

Last Christmas our church did some pretty cool stuff as we focused all of our energy on having A Different Kind of Christmas and we were able to give nearly $130,000 to our adopted community, Bondeni, in Nairobi, Kenya.  This year we are focusing our efforts on helping in our local community of Springfield, IL but I know many people may still want to do something to help in Kenya. 

One of the coolest things we did last year was to give people the opportunity to give specific gifts to the people in Kenya (school supplies, money toward a vehicle, etc) and present others with a gift certificate saying what was given.  While we won’t be doing that as a church this year, CMF and Hope International have done an amazing job of making that an option for anyone.  They recently sent out a catalog with tons of things you could purchase to help people around the world.

There are several giving opportunities that go directly to the people we have met and who we support in Nariobi.  I wanted to make it a little easier for people who want to to have A Different Kind of Christmas again this year so I thought I’d help make supporting people in Kenya a little easier.

Instead of racking your brain to create a Christmas list of stuff you don’t really need again this year, consider encouraging people to give you gifts like these.  I put together some simple gift certificates to give you something to print out and present to make if feel more like a Christmas gift.  You can see the full catalog of items (for around the world) and also donate the money at

Have a Merry “Different Kind of Christmas” this year!








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