Posted by: Chris Sandel | November 17, 2008

Bible or Bard Quiz

Try this quick little quiz.  You basically just have to identify 10 short quotes as either being from the Bible or from Shakespeare.  With a masters degree in theology you’d think I could do OK but I only managed 60%.  (Thankfully I did better than that in seminary.)  I’m going to blame the poor performance on the use of old translations (i.e. King James, etc).  Yeah, I’m going with that.  Hopefully you all put my 60% to shame.

Try out the quiz at mental floss.



  1. dude… I know Shakespeare and I only got a 60% as well…

  2. Okay, everybody leave your score…

    Chris I beat you by one, I got 70%, passing in these times but you had to have 75 in my day.
    Don’t say we spoke King James either. I just know more Shakespeare than you. I don’t recognize the proverbs in KJV either.

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