Posted by: Chris Sandel | November 16, 2008

Chuck-E-Cheese Gone Rogue

When I was a kid, Chuck-E-Cheese was the place to be.  Every birthday, if we were lucky, we would make the trek over to every kids favorite place.  It was a place flowing with pizza, soda and an infinite number of games.  On a good day you could earn enough tickets for a switchblade/comb combo or some sweet Chinese handcuffs.  They had a big stage featuring a full band of creepy, animatronic rodents and underneath was a giant cheese maze you could crawl through.  Good times.

In my day, the “creepy, animatronic band” just played Happy Birthday.  Apparently times have changed.  These guys appear to be singing about nuclear holocaust.  Have a happy, fallout filled, birthday kids!

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